Sunday, May 2, 2010

Colorado, Cross Canadian Ragweed and More

It has been onver a month since I have been on here. Life has been so busy this last month that I havn't really had the time to get on here. I will try to do better in the up coming months. So this might actually be a long one, sorry in advance!
Ths first part of the month Kammie and I went out to Colorado to see some of our close friends that live there. We both really love the state and look for any and all chances to get out there. The main reason we were out there was for Corynne and Brian's Wedding Reception. They got married last Novemebr on the top of a mountain in a really small ceramony and then decided to have a big reception later. It was so much fun to get out there and get to hang out with them. They really are a very cool couple. The reception was so much fun. The best part was getting to met their friends from Chicago, who turned out to be some of the coolest and nicest people, as well as their families. On Friday we drove up to Ft. Collins and went to the New Belgium Brewery. I have never been a huge fan of Fat Tire but I am after being there. We had so much fun on our tour as well as trying some of the beers that we may not be able to get in Kansas. Our tour guide was so much and you could tell that she really loved her job and what workign for that company. I really hope that one day I can be as passionate as she was about her job. Later that night we went into Boulder for the Bachlor/Bachlorette parties. We had a scavanger hunt against the boys. We had so much fun and I am happy to say that the GIRLS WON. We were told that the boys were more creative but we actually followed the rules, so we won and honestly that is all that matters! On Saturday Kammie and I drove down to Colorado Springs to see Amanda and Susan Beth. Even though Jarrett has trained out there for two years I had never been out to the training center. We were able to go on a guided tour of the training center, it was very cool to get to see where my brother and friends have spent so much time of their lives! We spent the rest of the day haning out, talking and eatting. I can't wait for July and the chance to be able to go back out there!
The Thursday we got back Jennifer, Kammie and I went and saw Cross Canadian Ragweed at the Cotillion. We had a ton of fun just hanging out and listening to great music. The band was really good and they put on a pretty good show. I would definitly go back and see them again. It was really nice to have the day off after and to be able to sleep in and not have to get up crazy early to go to work.
The most exciting part of this last month came yesterday when my mom and I got to go out to the base pick Mac up from his deployment. They had a breakfast all set up for us while we waited for them to get in. They even had toys, coloring books and movies for the kids that were there. They then loaded us up on buses and took us out to the flight line. It was really cool to get to see Mac's unit get off the plane and all the kids that ran up to their parents that they hadn't seen in over two months. It really was a moving moment!!!
Well that is all for now, I will talk to you all later!