Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing Mac

It's hard to put in to words how much I love my family. It is even harder for me to say how much I miss Mac when he is deployed. He left this morning for a short deployment for some where, not 100% sure where. This weekend was full of parties to say good bye to him. Saturday night we had his close friends over and then on Sunday we had some family over.

I know how much I am missing Mac and how the last few days have just made me want to cry even though he is only going to be gone for a few month, I can't imagine having my husband leave for a year or more. Those women who have to go through that are so much stronger than I think I could ever be. Deep down in my heart I know that he will be fine since what he does hardly ever goes in country, unless they are helping to move soliders who are hurt. But part of me is terrified for him, terrified that something will go wrong. As his emergency contact everytime I get a call from an unknown number or a phone number I don't know my heart stops until I hear his voice.

After coming home from a swim camp when I was about ten I asked my mom very seriously if she would send the boys back. She of course told me that she couldn't to say the least I was a very disapointed ten year old. But now seventeen years later I could never imagine my life with out my brothers! Now if you ask me this in person I will never admit it but I guess now that it is out here on the internet I will have to.

So if you think about it say a little prayer for my brother Mac, his unit and all the men and women who are serving our country! If it weren't for them and the men and women in our countries past we wouldn't be able to be living the lifes we are.

Good Night for now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who would have known???

***Warning this blog may get a little corny***

About eight years ago I was in my second semester of college and had just gotten hurt while on the crew team at Wichita State. I was told by my doctors that if I continued to row there was a chance that I would lose feeling in my right hand. Seeing as how I am right handed that could end up being a big deal! As much as I loved to row I had to end up quitting the team and with a ton of time on my hands. So I was looking for a way to stay envolved on campus. I had been hanging out with a few of my guy friends who were in a faturnity and they suggested I join a house too.

My mom and both her sisters were in a house when they were in college and I had always heard their stories and it sounded like fun. But I was really unsure about it. I had no idea what I was getting into or how it really could end up "changing" my life.

Which house to join was an easy decision for me. I only lookd at one, the Tri Delt house. Both my mom and Aunt were in the house so it felt right to be there, to continue on the tradition. I had a big pledge class but there was a group of us that just fell into hanging out together. And after eight years five of us are stll extremely close. I never knew when I joined the house that I would be getting friends that I would have the rest of my life!

These girls have really become a second family to me. We have gone through everything together, from break ups, to death of family memebers, to marriages to kids being born, to illnesses, my parent divorce and more. I remember the day that I found out my parents were getting divrced I call Kammie and headed to her apartment and the next thing I knew they all had dropped evertyhing to be there for me! So far that was the toughest thing I have ever gone through and there is no way I could have done it with your their love and support.

Over the last few year we have worked really hard to make sure we stay close. And that means the world to me! I honestly can't imagine my life in the future with out them. It's one of those things that I hope all our kids, well the ones I want to eventually have, are friends as they get older. Or as I consider to start dating I know that the guy I bring into the group will have to get along with the other husbands becuase we do spend a lot of time together.

When I joined the house I never expected to meet these girls, or for them to become such a big part of who I have become. It's funny in college I joined because I thought it would be fun, go to some parties, a few dances and meet some boys. While I did do all those things I walked away with some of the most amazing women as my friends, and I don't think that I could ask for more!

I have no idea what the future holds for me, where I will go, what I will end up doing, but I do know that these girls will be around for it all. It's a great and comforting feeling to know that they have my back no matter what!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He's Here! He's Finally Here!!!

So it's been a while since I have been on here and a ton has happened so expect a few blogs the in the next few days.

But first I am so excited to announce that Master Henry James is finally here and one very healthy little boy, weighing in at 9 lbs 10 oz and was 22 inches long. Needless to say he is a VERY big boy! But a very sweet one at the same time. His feet are pretty big but his hands are even larger! I'm positive that he will be a basketball player just like his daddy when he is big, even though I still maintain that he would be a great swimmer too.

He definitly made it a long day for his mommy who was in labor for over 12 hours, and had all of us blowing up each others phones for updates. I had to say it was a long day and night waiting to get the phone call that he was here. It finally came from my mom at about 12:30 in the moring. I was half asleep that when I answered my phone and heard my mom talking but I couldn't understand why my alarm was talking to me. But I definitly woke up and realized what was going on when my mom told me how big he was. To be honest I really couldn't believe that he was that big. I mean Andy is really tall so I knew he would be long but never expected him to weigh as much as he did! However, he is still one cute little boy that I can't wait to spoil!!!

The next day I went up to the hospital to see him, I was the only one there at the time so I got to spend some serious cuddle time with him. After about a 30-45 minutes of cuddling and taking a tn of pictures my mom, brother, uncle, and Gigi came up to see him. I was lucky to be up there when Gigi came to see him. There were so many special moments as she held her second great grandson for the first time. I may or may not have had a few tears in my eyes as I quickly snapped a ton of pictures. And I got some good ones too if I do say so myself! My favorite came as we were getting ready to leave and Andy was holding his new little guy and Gigi gave him a kiss!

In just a few short weeks Henry and Greta will start the long move out east. Andy is doing his residency out there and has already moved. Selfishly I feel like I haven't been able to get enough time with him and I really will miss getting to see him as often as I get to see Liam. But I know that Andy is going to be a great doctor and this is his next step to make that happen. I really am proud of him! I just think that I will have to bug Greta at least once a week to send me pictures of him!

So to Master Henry, welcome to our family! We are very close, we love spending time together and love each other more. No matter what we will be here for you and do everything we can to help you grow. I can't wait to watch as you get older, change and start showing us who you are. We love you a ton!!!

Good Night for now!