Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Truth Behind Pinterest Projects - Month Onesies

One of my best friends is pregnant and due any day now. Well actually on September 8th but who is counting? It's close enough right? Anyway, I got off track. When my three other friends and I were talking about throwing her babyshower we wanted to do something different. Over the years we have been to so many showers, they all tend to become uniform after awhile, and we wanted to do something different for Megan. But then steps up the wonderful time wasting invention of Pinterest. Man are there a ton of ideas out there!

Since I started on Pinterest I have had a board to keep shower ideas on. As soon as we nailed down the date for Megan's shower I started going back through it to see what ideas I could come up with. Knowing Megan and how girly she is we decided to make the month onesies and three tutus to go a long. This is another one of those it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time projects.

Looking at the pin it seemed really easy. You just have to print the month design you like on the iron on transfer paper and then iron it on to the onesies. Easy right? I mean what could possibly go wrong right? Well the answer is A LOT!

Well nothing went wrong... I guess... It is just another one of those it took WAY longer than I thought it would projects. I learned a couple of things that I would like to pass along to people before they attempt to do this project themselves.

First, I made the mistake of assuming that when I pulled the paper out of the box it would be clean and there would be nothing on it. WRONG!!! I didn't learn this until after I had printed the first four months and well I didn't really care. And I did go ahead and use them. There was nothing major on them just a bit of dust. At this point in time it didn't seem like a huge deal. So I just continued on. Sorry Megan :D

Second, even though it said not to you really should turn your iron up as high as it goes otherwise you may be working on those wonderful onesies for the rest of your life. Which is pretty much what I thought I would be doing! On a couple of the onesies it took over 30 minutes and I was less than excited about it. And got to the point where I was not a very pleseant person to be around! But as soon as I turned the iron up I was able to knock out the last few pretty barn cute!

I do have to admit they are beyond cute and I can't wait to see baby Norah in them each month and I really do hope that Megan enjoys them!

**During this project I didn't take a lot of pictures but here is the finished project.**

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