Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh Accounting, We Are Not Friends!

OK seriously who invented accounting? Did they have a hatred for business students? I can just see it, and bunch of guys sitting around saying you know what will really screw up future business students? Lets make it as difficult as possible for anyone to ever understand what is going on with a company, we will call in accounting! Why do they ever really need to know what is going on?

How I made it through the last eight weeks I'm unsure! It had to be by the grace of God. Let me be honest there was a TON of praying going on in regards to this class. Part of it could be my fault, the class kept getting scheduled the same nights as WSU or KU basketball games, we all have our priorities. So maybe I was watching scores a tad bit more than I was paying attention to what the teacher was saying. I also got very lucky to have lots of writing, yes writing in an accounting class, lots of essays which I was able to ace and pad my grade with. However, the best thing to happen was all the snow! We ended up getting a snow day causing our teacher to make our final a take home. (And thanks to Brandon for all his help on that one!) In talking to other students who took the class in the past we had it very easy! Which I'm not sure I would disagree with. The thing that surprised me the most was that our tests were open note, open book. Don't get me wrong in no way shape or form am I complaining, but it was very unexpected!

All in all I ended up with a B in the class, which I am beyond happy about! Considering there were many nights I would leave the class convinced that I was going to fail this class and get kicked out, or I would end up getting the one and only C for the entire program. Let me tell you I was beyond scared that I would get a C in my first class and then would end up stressed out the rest of the program afraid of getting another one and getting kicked out!

I have two classes left in my Organizational Behavior class and then I will be finished for the semester. This summer I'm taking two classes for a total of 6 hours, and then taking 3 classes in the fall, for a total of 8 hours. Which reminds me... I need to enroll. Maybe I should get on that! That's all for now, going to enjoy spring break and hanging out with all my educator friends who are off for the week!

Until next time...

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