Monday, August 8, 2011

New Found Respect

All my life I have been around people who have had a surgery for this or for that. My brother Jarrett had surgery a two days of age, and continued to have them through out his life, Mac had several on his face to remove a birthmark, and I've been with friends who have had various ones over the years. I've always tried to be there for them but never could really understand what it was like.

I started getting sick a few weeks ago and figured it was just a stomach bug, it wasn't until one Thursday, at the urging of Andrea, that I finally went to the doctor. It turned out that I was severely dehydrated and they were thinking that I may be having an issue with my gallbladder. So after a sono, I got a call from my nurse saying that they were going to have to take it out as soon as possible.

By the next Wednesday my mom and brother, Jarrett, were sitting in the waiting room with me as I waited for my name to be called. Like every time I have ever gone to the doctor they were running late. Finally my name was called and it was my turn to go back. I'm not sure what I thought it would be like but as soon as we got through the doors there were people every where. Running in this direction or that direction each one with a different responsibility.

It was a matter of minutes and I was on a bed, prepped, and waiting for the lady with the happy medicine to come in. Apprently she did come in because the next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery, a little confused as to how I got there. After talking to my mom I had a converstaion with my mom and I guess I kept trying to tell the nurse our family history. All I remember is really wanting to get dressed and getting upset that the kids got lollipops and they didn't give me one!

Recovery hasn't been as bad as I was afraid that it would be. For the first few days I spent a lot of time sleeping and in a slight daze from the pain medication. But with in 24 hours my mom had me up and taking walks up and down the street, got to love having a nurse for a mom. lthough I'm lucky that I've been able to have her around, nurses do come in handy every once in a while.

I go back to work on Wednesday of this week and I'm not sure how up to it I'm going to be. Staying a wake all day is still a bit difficult and so is standing for long periods of time. I guess eventually I will have to find out. I just want to say thank you to all my friends and family who have come by to visit or sent flowers. It means a ton of to me!!!

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