Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's My Life

With my 26th birthday just around the corner I have started to wonder if this is really the life I have want. Every person in my life have his or her own thoughts and feelings on the subject, but rarely do they ask how I feel about it. I feel as thought I am stuck in a weird place. Most of my friends and older cousins are married and several have families of their own. I feel very torn between two worlds. Part of me really wants what they all have and at times I tend to be very lonely but part of me is scared of losing the freedom I have grown to love and need.
The last two years have been very difficult for me and have shown me a lot about my self. I think that with every day we are learn more about who we are. I know that the last two years have taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought I would be and that I can get through things that I never thought that I could.
So what is the next year of my life going to be like? Who really knows. I have a few goals in mind and I know of a few things that I want to accomplish but for now I'll just keep those to my self all will be reveald in due time.
Sorry for my first blog being a downer. Will post happier ones in the future. Hope you all will continue to read these. Untill next time, have a happy and wonderful day!

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