Friday, February 12, 2010

Theory of a Deadman

Let me start off by saying I totally forgot that I started this until Andrea said something to me yesterday day. Oooops.
Anyway... Tuesday night Kammie and I went to see Theory of a Deadman with Adelitas Way, Taking Dawn and Halestorm. We had a really great time. The first band was Taking Dawn and I didn't love it. It could have been becaue the mixing was off and all you could hear were the drums and you couldn't understand a thing the singer was saying except for the F word that he said almost every other word. Then Adelitas Way came on which I really enjoyed. I got to see them when we went and saw Breaking Benjamin back in December but this was Kammie's first time to get to see them live. At this point I'm pretty sure we were finishing our second Bucket of Beer. We ended up running into a girls Kammie knew from work who was with her boyfriend and brother and a friend of her boyfriends (who turned out to be a player for the Thunder, and very good looking!) We ended up getting talked into going on the floor for the last two bands with them and had a great time, just dancing, singing and watching all the random guys who tried to hit on Kammie. For those of you that have never seen them Theory of a Deadman puts on a great show if you get a chance to see them go! [The pictures are from Tuesday night, the first one is Abby, myself, Kammie, and Brett (the hockey player) and the second one is Kammie and I at the start of the night.]
Not much else has happened this week. Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to a Women's thing at my church so I will let you all know how that goes.
Hope you all have a great day! Bye for now...

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