Monday, March 15, 2010

Dallas Trip

It's been about a week since I got back from Dallas but things have been so crazy with family in town and spending time with a really close friend that I never really get to spend a ton of time with. It actually took about five days for me to get unpacked which is not like me AT ALL!
The trip was good, I spent a lot of time hanging out with my brother, watching movies and really just resting. It was so nice to not have to do anything all day, and to be able to just lay around and watch TV. Things are still a little weird between my dad and I, as well as Kathi. It's very hard to see my dad with someone other than my mom. A lot of time I just want to yell at him to get over this and go back to my mom and make things work, even though I know that will never happen (I think that it's the little kid still in me). It's weird how parents put their kids in the middle of things and in positions that are very difficult for them, even though they don't mean to. I was able to talk to Kathy, who is my step sister, and she and I were able to get some insight on how things went down and how to handle things. It was so weird but at the same time it was really nice to not have to be the oldest and to have someone on your side no matter what. I really look forward to getting to know her more and maybe getting to be a little closer to her. I guess we will see what will happen in the future.
The first night I got there we all went and saw Randy Travis, I have to say he has a really great voice. I wish that I had known more of his songs. I'm pretty sure that there was a total of three songs I really knew all the way through and one that I knew one line from. I felt bad because I was so tried from driving all day that there were a few parts in the show that I started to fall alseep in, but all in all it was a great show.
But the highlight of the trip was going to see John Mayer with Jarrett. I don't usually get to spend a ton of time together and it was so nice to just get to relax, be stupid and have some fun. Michael Franti and Spearhead opened up for him and that man puts on a great show. He was a ton of fun and really had the crowd going! He went out in the crowd and performed two different songs, had some random lady come up on stage and dance, but I think the coolest thing he did was bring all the little kids up on stage with him.
There really isn't a whole lot to say about John Mayer except that the man is a AMAZING on the guitar, is one crazy showman, sounds the same live as he does on his CDs (which is a huge pet peeve of mine) and puts on one hell of a concert! I usually end up getting tired when I've been standing at a concert for two hours but I didn't check the time once. There are not a ton of concerts that I would go see twice on the same tour but he is one of them! Jarrett and I had so much fun singing along, dancing, and for Jarrett being hit on by a cougar. I'm pretty sure that if she was able to eat him whole and take him home with her she would have. This was by far one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and thats saying a lot seeing as how I have been to a lot of them!!!
Well tomorrow Kam and I are heading to OKC to see Matt Wertz. I'm really excited about it and I'm really hoping that it is a good show.
Until then talk to you later.
(Pictures: Jarrett and I at Randy Travis, and John Mayer)

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