Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Matt Wertz

Just wanted to post a little something about the concert last night. Kammie and I drove down to OKC to see Matt Wertz and Five For Fighting. We had so much fun. Matt Wertz is such an AMAZING artist, and really seems to have a lot of fun when he's on stage. You could really tell that he was loving every minute of being on stage and performing. I have no clue why he is not bigger than he is,he truely deserves to be. Everyone really needs to go check him out and buy one of his CDs you will not be disapointed. He is also one of the sweetest and most caring artist that I have met. He took time to really talk to evey fan that came up to him for an autograph or picture. I ended up buying four CDs of his, and getting autographs for Jarrett and Amanda for good luck for trials the end of the month. If you think about it keep them in your prayers the last weekend of March! I had a great night tonight but don't have time to write about it, will post more about it later. Untill then good night all!

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