Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Oh So Elusive Couch

So as you all know by now I have moved out and have an apratment of my own. As soon as I figured out when I was moving I started to slow buy the things that I knew I needed. So by the time the day actually rolled around I had most of the stuff I needed. But there are still a few things that I need to get, mainly pots and pans, which I don't cook a ton so I'm not in a hurry for those, and a couch!

Oh this stupid couch! Where do I even start. I thought that I had a few couches lined up and then those fell through. So I went to Furniture on Consignment and I couldn't find a single one. There was a brown leather sectional I thought about for a few minute or two but when it came down to it wasn't what I had in mind. For now I am stocking Craiglist like a cray person. Each day I log on there and say a small prayer that today will be the day that I actually will find one. Even Andrea is constantly looking for me. The other day we thought we found one, I got excited about it and I think she even did, but then I realized that it was in Abilene. As much as I liked the couch there in no way in you know what that I was going to drive and hour and a half to get a couch. So I guess for now the search continues.

Maybe my issue is that I have a clear idea of what I want but it's just not out there for the amount I can spend. I know that at some point in time I will find the "Perfect" one but it is such a frustrating process. I really just want to find one and get it so I can start having people over.

Well I will keep everyone posted on how this search ends, if it ever does. Sorry this wasn't the most exciting post. Hopefully my next one will be more exciting or at least a little more insightful!

Good Night for now!

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