Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornados part of life in Kansas

With all the tornados that have been happening the last few days it has really forced me to think about one of the scariest days of my life so far. My heart is breaking for those that have been affected by them, it's not an easy thing to come back from and they have a long road ahead of them as they start to rebuild.

My own run in with a tornado came on April 25th, 1991. I was just 7 years old sitting in the living room with my brothers who were 4 at the time. We were watching tv wile my mom and dad were making dinner and suddenly the weathermen cut into to the program that was on saying we were under a tornado warning and that we should start to take cover. Like many Kansasans my parent didn't think anything would happen but to be on the safe side my grandfather, who lived next door, came over and picked all of us, by this time it has started to hail. While we were waiting for him to come the tornado sirens started to go off. As soon as we got next door my grandmother quickly took my brothers and I downstairs letting us pick out one toy and took us under the stairs. My mom, dad and grandpa stayed out front to watch the storm.

As they stood there they were sure that it wouldn't come any where near us but it started to turn and head our direction. The next thing I knew I heard my mom come running down the stairs and told my grandma it was headed our way. My grandpa stoped to not only shut the back sliding door but to also answer the phone and talk to my aunt who was calling to tell them a tornado was heading our way. My grandpa and dad came stomping down the stairs and as soon as they got under the stair with us the lights went out and with in seconds the loudest noise I have ever heard went over the top of us. With in 30 seconds it was over and we started to make our way out.
We looked up to where the ceiling use to be and just saw blue sky. It's hard to explain the thoughts that can go through your mind as you look at the devestation. We all have seen pictures of what houses look like after a tornado rips through a town distroying everything in it's path. Quickly I started to help my grandparents find our horses so our vet could come get them, while my mom helped some of the older people who were unable to make it to safety.

My Grandparents house

The next few days were kind of a blur, my aunts came running across a feild to get to us right after it happened. The boys and I didn't really stay there long that night my aunt brought us over to her house where we "help" with the clean up. Not sure how much help we were! The happest part of it all for me was when my beloved doll, Melody was found. In the end we spent the next two month living with The Biggs befoe we found a house in town.

My house

That day will forever be with me and as we have had so many terrible storms the last few days it has brought up a lot of fears that I still have. Yesterday as I was in Winfield and the tornados were on the ground in Oklahoma and moving towards the boarder I called my mom freaking out a bit. I usually am not the one that freaks out about storms thats for my brothers to do. We were very luckly yesterday as we were not in a ton of danager. But I do feel for those that were.
My heart and prayers go out to everyone!

Until next time

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