Thursday, May 26, 2011

Number One Off My Bucket List!!!

It was about three years ago that I dicovered Josh Groban, yes I was a little late to the party on this one I know. He was singing at the very end of a David Fosters special on PBS. I immediatly fell in love with him, not only was he incredibly cute but he has an AMAZING voice that just has a way to pull you into his performance.

The next day I started doing some resrearch on him and quickly became a bigger fan. He had just gotten off his Awake tour and was said to be going back in the studio the following year. I was really excited at the idea of hopefully seeing him in the next year to year and half. But unlike his last few CDs with about a year between each he kept us waiting for his current CD for three years.

In those years I had made a deal with Kammie, my concert buddy, that if she would go to Josh Groban that I would go to Disturbed. Crazy deal isn't it? Nothing like picking two acts that couldn't be further apart but I think that is part of the fun! But seeing Josh Groban in concert made it's way up to being the number one thing my bucket list in no time.

Last night I got the chance to cross it off my list. I had high hopes as to what the concert would be like and the were exceded. I know that people have this missconception of who he is due to the music he sings but between talking for a good two to three minutes in his Stewie voice, to playing tricks on the audience, and continually running into the audience when his security wasn't ready for it, I found my self laughing a lot. But for me one of the best moments of the night was when he sang War At Home which he wrote after spending time in Walter Reed. As the sister of someone serving in our military it is a really special thing when someone like him takes a moment and finds a way to share to the world what our soliders, who are coming home, are going through. Even though I know he will probably never read this I want to thank him for doing so. I hope that he knows how special it is what he has done!

I have to say that it is really refreshing to go to a concert and not be one of the closest seat in the area and still feel like I am. He has a way of really pulling his audience in and making every single person feel like they are the most important person in the place. Also, he really seems to enjoy his fan, loves to interact with them and make them a part of his show. With the success that he has had it would be really easy for him to be a "divo" and just go out sing and collect a pay check. But I think that his approachability has helped his fame. I know that I don't like to go and support an artist that seems to have forgotten why and how they are there and that is because of every single person that is in the audience who paid to see that show. This is something you know he has not and never will forget.

There are very few artist that I would go see over and over again and Josh Groban is one of them. I am looking forward to getting to see another show of his in the future. I know that he has already been to Wichita and Kanasas City but if anyone out there has a chance to see him in any of his other shows I would suggest going even if you may not be a huge fan of the music he sings. The show he puts on will be worth every penny you spend to be there I can promise you that!

Until next time good night!

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