Tuesday, May 3, 2011

He's Almost Here!!!

There is something very cool about going to a baby shower but I think there is somethin even better when you get the honor to throw the shower. The shower to me always seems like the begining of the end. By the time the shower rolls around the baby is getting close to being here and who isn't excited about getting to meet the baby for the first time?

On Sunday I got the pleasure of helping to host my cousins Greta's babyshower along side my cousin Rachel. It is always fun to host a shower. I have done it a few times for my friends and I always have a lot of fun thinking of themes, the colors, making the food but I think the best part is seeing all the different people come together to celebrate the mom to be and the baby that will soon be here.

The birth of a child represents what is still pure in our world and with all the bad things that continue to happen around us it is special to be able to come together for something that is so positive. We are able to take a few hours out of our extremely busy lives to come together and show love and support to someone who is about to take a huge step in their lives and probably start the most important job of their lives.

I know that our family is so excited for Henry to get here. It will be so much fun to have two little boys around here for a while. If Herny is anything like Liam, and since they will be cousins I know he will, he is going to be one really cute and pretty darn smart little boy. The sad thing is going to be saying good by to him when he and his mommy and daddy have to move out East. So I guess we will just have to spoil him for the few months that he will be here in Kansas.

So congrats to Andy and Greta, I can't wait to meet Henry!!!

Good Night for now!

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