Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rock Chalk... Matt Wertz...?

It's been a while since I have been to Lawrence. I had two cousins who went to college there and went up once or twice while they were in school to visit them but it has been years since I was there. But it really is a cool place and we had a great time there. Kammie and I got lucky that we had Jennifer with us. She was a great tour guide and found us some very yummy places to eat.

We started our extremly short visit to Lawrence at the Salty Iguana, which was suppose to have some of the best margaritas in town. While the margaritas were yummy the coolest place about the resturant was the murals they had painted all over the walls. My favorite one was the one you see when you first walk in. It was all the Wizard Of Oz characters but they were iguanas and they called it Lizards of Oz. There was so much to look at that half the time I had a hard time concentrating on what was going on in the converstaions we were having becuase I was drawn into looking at all the murals on the walls.

After we had dinner we went down to Mass street to get some yogurt at a place called 3 Spoons, for those of you that are familar with Orange Leaf it is the same thing. You go in and pick the yogurt you want, then add your toppings and you pay based on how much it weighs. I actually think that it was a little bit less expensive than Organe Leaf but it was still very yummy and we had a nice time sitting out front of the store watching all the people go by. (Which I just might add is something that I really love to do!)

We then headed down to the venue to watch the show. Kammie and I got the chance to Matt Wertz last March when he was opening for Five For Fighting. (There is a post about that show in my older posts if you want to take a look at it.) Ben Rector, who is also the keyboardist and a guitarist for Matt, opened for him and he blew us away! I had a few of his songs downloaded so I had a small idea as to who he was but he was ten times better than I expected. I actually ended up buying his CD while we were there and Kammie has since downloaded two of his other albums. The crowd was really into him, which is always good to see for an opening act. There were actually a few guys who were having way more fun then most people there.

Let me just take this moment and say that I love Matt Wertz! He is an amazing song writter and very talented. I love listening to his CDs but it is so much better to see him live. You can tell that he really enjoys what he does and he really appreciates his fans. The show was as amazing as I expected. He was just as funny as I remembered him to be telling a story about a grandma that though WTF meant With the Fmaily and he even told us about his love for Taylor Swift, how he thinks they should be best friends and then get married one day. I wonder if he is aware of the age difference? But one of the weirdest but coolest moments came when I turned around to say something to Kammie and realized the guy standing next to her looked a lot like Dave Barnes, another amazing artist and one of Matt's best friends. I actually said something along those lines to her some what loud, I can't say anything softly, and I was pretty sure the guy heard us and I was a tad embarrassed about it. That was until the end of the next song and Matt Wertz called up on to stage his best friend, you just happened to be in town that night, Dave Barnes. It was then that Kammie and I realized the guy who had been standing next to us that I thought was Dave Barnes was in fact Dave Barnes! I always thought that seeing Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes on stage together would be amazing and I was right. I was sad that he only sang one song and then left the venue but it was really cool to see them perform together!

It was a great night and we had a lot of fun. The drive back to Wichita was long but it was worth it. I just hope that Jennifer feels that way since she was the only one of us that had to work this morning. I highly recomend to everyone to go and check out Matt Wertz, Ben Rector and/or Dave Barnes. If you like Singer Songwritter music you will love these guys!

Good Night for now.

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