Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Elusive Couch Has Been Found!!!

After about a month of stocking Craigslist, furniture stores and lots of online shoping I am so excited to say that I am writting this blog sitting on my new, to me, couch! There were several times that I thought I would never find one and would be sitting on the single chair I have for a long time. This is such a huge deal for me because this is the first really big purchase that I have made since moving in. I did buy some shelves and a TV stand but a couch is so much bigger deal to me.

Through out the process of trying to find this couch I knew what I wanted and I wasn't going to settle for just anything. Maybe that is just me being stubborn but I just wasn't going to settle. And I have to say that I am so glad that I didn't! I got very lucky when I found it, they even delivered it to me! Whcih saved me from having to rent a truck and going to pick it up myself.

Can I just say that there are some seriously ugly couches out there that some people think are worth huge amounts of moeny. Several times I had to fight the urge to email hese people that they were asking way to much for it. Yes I know that is mean but if you saw some of these you would too!

Anyway, get ready for some blog about having people over because now that I have my couch I feel like I can finally so it!

Good Bye for now!

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