Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

So I think that I am the last person in the world to figure this out and I just can't seem to get over it! In the process of trying to find my couch I stalked Craigslist like it was going out of style. I was actually enjoying it, trying to come up with other things that I was sure I needed and find them on there. (Which just so you know I can't think of anything at this moment that I need)

Well one night I was hanging out with Andrea and after we both got done hunting for a couch we were a tad bit bored and started looking at some of the personal ads. Why you ask? Well I think it might have partly been that we were bored and the other part of us were a little bit curious as to what was really on there. But seriously this stuff is nuts! Haven't people figured out after the whole Craigslist Killer a few years ago that maybe the personal ads on Craiglist weren't the best thing. I mean come on they even made a Lifetime movie about it? Not to mention there is an investigation going on right now into what might be another one on the East Coast. Any way I'm getting off topic.

So I start reading some of the post on there and a few weren't all that bad. Some were looking for a date for this or that, some people were just looking for someone to hang out with or single people looking to hook up. Which I guess is a to each their own kind of thing. Just not something that I would do. However, there were some seriously wrong ones. Several of the people on their were looking to hook up with pregnant women. SERIOUSLY?!?! Which was some what funny at the time seeing as how Andrea was pregnant and Adam was out of town.

But I think what really got me were all the people on there that were looking to cheat on their spouses. My question is do people really answer these? And if so why? I guess as someone who has been cheated on I don't get it. If you are that unhappy in your relationship why stay in it? And yes their are people who stay in a marriage for the kids, or for this thing or that thing but I guess I feel like that is wrong too. And on top of that is it wrong for people or a company to support this? Your probably asking yourself or me how would your regulate it? And there really isn't a way and I get that. But I still think that it is wrong and that it shouldn't be aloud.

Well this blog went in a direction that I wasn't expecting it to. At first I was just going to get on here and poke a little fun at some of the crazy personal ads. Guess that is fun of these things you start writing and you never know where you will end up!

Good Night For Now!

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