Friday, April 8, 2011

She's Finally Here! Welcome Ms. Avery Michele!

Today had been a very very exciting today, and I'm not talking about the weather, all the hail or even the tornados. But because Andrea and Adam had their second child today! Ms. Avery Michele was born at 7:13 am she is 19 inches long and 6 lbs 14 oz. Both Mom and baby are doing fine.

Andrea hasn't had the easiest pregnancy and I know she wasn't feeling very well this last week leading up to today, so I'm glad that Avery is here and Andrea is going to get a chance to start feeling better. But as I have been told, since I don't have any kids, now all the work really begins and so do the sleeplest nights. Since my mom basically works at the hospital she was able to go over and check on Avery today before I got off work. Of course she got to hold her before I did, like almost all of my friends babies! So she was very sweet and sent me a picture to rub it in.

I was lucky that Austin was there when I came up to visit because I was curious as to how he was going to react to his new little sister. He is such a caring, helpful and giving little boy so I had a feeling he would be a good big brother. But I really wasn't prepaired to how quickly he seems to have taken to her. While I was holding her she started to cry and he stoped looking at the book he was playing with and came over to her and touched her head and told me that she needed her binky. It was a very sweet moment. And then later he really wanted to help me rock her so he climbed up on my lap and then put his arms around her while I supported them both and we rocked her back to sleep. I am so very excited to see how their relationship will grow as they get older. He will be a huge help to his Mommy and Daddy right now and I have a feeling that he will be very protective of his little sister!

There is always something so special about getting to hold a baby that is just a few hours old. There is so much hope and innocents in them. They really help you to remember what is truely right in the world and how special life is. Now the fun part really begins. I am looking forward to really getting to know her as she grows and see the type of person she becomes.

So to Ms. Avery, you had been brought in to not only a family that loves you more than you will ever be able to imagine but to an extended group of friends that will be there for you no matter what. We have some great stories about Mommy and Daddy so come find us in 18 years and we will tell you a few, there are other that will have to wait until your 21. I hope that in the future I will get the chance to be a small part of your life and to be to get the chance to watch you grow.

Good Night for now!

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